Updates and In Dependence

I recently made some changes to the site’s template, thinking, “once these are done I’ll post an update on the front page” …and then I promptly forgot the update. To be honest, this post is more for my reference than anything. Months from now when I’m asking myself what the heck happened to such-and-such, I’ll check the archives page for the site updates category.

Classy segue! I added an archives page, which you’ll see now in the top navigation. This is something I meant to do a long time ago when the archives in the right-hand sidebar started stretching towards Antarctica and I cut them at 12 months. Basically, you can find what you’re looking for based on tags under the Topics heading at the right, based on publish date under the Archives heading at the right, or with the Seek box on the left. But if you’re wondering, “what were these guys up to in April of 2006,” or “what are all the different post categories,” the archives page is the place to be.

This may be useful to the handful of new subscribers I’ve seen registering on the site lately, assuming any of you are not spam-bots. Which reminds me – welcome, non-spam-bot subscribers!! The other changes you’d notice if you glanced at Before and After versions of the site are the result of overdue housecleaning. I removed the music and movies links from the top stripe and dropped them under the posterior section, to reflect the fact that they’re dated content we’re unlikely to mess with in the future. Last but not least, I added a book link, which points at the book I wrote in college and recently moved into WordPress.

Yes, when I was at Miami I tried to write a book. Overall I’d say it was a great exercise in wasted time and failed self-promotion, but I still hope the thing’s a worthwhile read for any random high school juniors or seniors – or even college freshmen – who stumble across it here. Details on the In Dependence page.

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