Please Cancel My Favorite Shows

To no one’s surprise, The Office was renewed… awhile ago. It’s as if NBC Universal is indifferent to my guidance, despite my slowly increasing holdings in GE as their bond ratings hover on the edge of AAA and their stock price plummets! They didn’t even fly me out for a meeting with the producers!

Extremely light spoilers follow, if you’re waiting for the DVD or something. What they’ve been doing in this season of The Office is what’s had me hoping for cancellation: storylines are starting to run thin, continuity doesn’t feel as effortlessly tied together anymore, every other episode teases about a Pam & Jim falling out. What happened to Ryan in/after Bangkok? Why’d they bring Toby back after the fuss over his departure? Funny one-offs and simple plot progression in cameraman one-on-ones have been lacking. The Angela-Dwight-Andy chaos has hardly been touched after the great Duel episode.

It doesn’t help that a somewhat slow hour-long episode was split in two by NBC a couple weeks back. Plus, I don’t know why they’d renew a show and then skip two episodes of the season in progress. It’s just… annoying, and whether the writers are getting lazy or the best ones have moved on, I find myself hardly interested in what has been a favorite these past few seasons.

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