“Castle” Pilot in 30 Seconds

The premiere of ABC’s Castle was tonight, and as a huge fan of every member of the cast of Firefly and Serenity I had no choice but to watch. I was not optimistic, since Nathan “Captain Tightpants” Fillion seems to only be cast in peripheral parts or shows doomed to early cancellation (or spectacular online mini-series). I also remembered hearing Castle described as some sort of cop drama, which isn’t exactly an underserved market.

After an episode, I plan to keep watching – mostly because of Fillion. Like Adam Baldwin, he’s an unfairly pigeonholed actor who manages to make genuine, lovable characters out of the roles he’s given. The series is already too predictable… Fillion as the egotistical mass-market author, leading lady Stana Katic as Miss Hard-boiled Detective with no use for love. Nonetheless, among the groan-inducing cheesiness were some very funny lines and an interesting plot.

What does it take for a show in the 10:00 slot to survive past the third week? Does a network launch a series in that timeslot with the intent of moving it up if more than a few hundred people watch, or was this at best a 10-episode run from the start?

Since I mentioned Adam Baldwin in passing, I should note my enjoyment of this week’s Chuck. I’d hate to think of anyone skipping good episodes because I complained about a lame one, and I know that my influence reaches both far and wide. Rest easy, NBC executives and Chuck producers! The readership of thathero.com hasn’t given up on you yet!

Next time we’ll talk about how President Obama has enlisted me to stop the rise of the oceans and teach the world’s imams “Kumbaya” in Arabic.

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