Jackets Time!

Another Rick Nash goal. Another Steve Mason shutout. It looks like the last-minute acquisition was a smart one, and Torres, The Umbergler, et al are playing like men on a mission. The Jackets have been winning like a playoff team, that’s for sure.

For the first three months of the season, some dude from the ticket office was calling me twice a week trying to talk me into a bundle of tickets… bet they’re not so desperate for sales any more! It’s great to have a young team putting things together so very, very well, and I hope it translates into more widespread, long-term support for our team. (Side rant: lower bowl tickets for less than the price of two dinners and three movies would also mean more dedicated fans. Call me crazy, but selling out the bottom deck of Nationwide at ~$40 for the non-box, non-club tickets seems like it’d be better than leaving half the $56 seats empty! Maybe it’s a moot point now that the guys are taking names and kicking the corresponding asses.)

This brief entry is meant entirely to shame Coffing into writing a regular feature about the Blue Jackets.

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