Jackets fever!

Hart may have a point, I should possibly be making posts about our beloved Columbus Blue Jackets.  So here goes…

I think it is official, Columbus has the oft wished for Jackets fever.  It is a rare (one time occurrence thus far) disease whose symptoms include excitement, loyalty, paying money to watch hockey and possibly throwing a little Canada into one’s daily life (drinking a Labatt Blue, the occasional use of the term ‘eh,’ etc…).  The fans are finally getting some enjoyment out of some meaningful March hockey.  The Columbus Blue Jackets desperately need to make the playoffs this year.  Their fans have been very very patient, and have continued to attend games, even though their team has been fairly awful, and is the only team to have never made the NHL playoffs.  This year promises to be a year in which our playoff dreams become a reality.  I could think of nothing better for the city of Columbus than playoff hockey against our rivals from that state up North – the Detroit Red Wings.  Take advantage of Columbus’ already extreme hatred of all things Meeeeechigan, and use it to turn all of the casual hockey fans into die hard CBJ fans.  Now we just need everything to fall into place to make sure we get seeded correctly for such a matchup.

If you haven’t seen a game yet this year, you most definitely should.  The guys are playing with an intensity that has never been seen before from the Blue Jackets.  They have an increasing desire to make the post season, and it shows each and every game.  If you didn’t catch either of the past two games – an 8-2 victory over the Red Wings, and a 2-0 win over the Bruins – you missed out on some of the best and most entertaining hockey Columbus has ever seen.  Every game is broadcast on Fox Sports Ohio (FSNO), which is also available in high definition.  Games typically begin at 7:00 PM or later, especially on weekdays.  There are just about 15 games left in the regular season, and every point the squad can get is needed to stay in playoff contention.  Check them out, and catch the fever!

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