Fix Human Nature: Done!

Last night’s post was intended as an “I’m really sick of politics and not writing about it for awhile” sort of thing. Then I saw this story, oozing with BS like some kind of poop pinata:

Turning more upbeat, President Barack Obama said Friday his administration is working to create a “post-bubble” model for solid economic growth once the recession ends. He said that means the days of overheated housing markets and “people maxing out on their credit cards” are over.

Ha!–ahem, sorry. Don’t laugh without first letting the President’s words sink in. My roommate and I discussed a few ways the White House could stop people from maxing their credit cards:

  1. Ban credit cards.
  2. Some kind of mind control chip jammed into borrowers’ skulls
  3. Any time someone nears their credit limit, increase their credit limit

Since none of these sounds feasible, President Obama and his team of world-beaters must have come up with something really great! Had I realized the Democrats were freeing all Americans from their selfishness and ability to make mistakes, I would have “turned more upbeat” about nanny-state leftism long ago!

Administration officials were criticized earlier this year for painting too dark a picture of the economy in an effort to win congressional passage of the president’s $787 billion stimulus package. But more recently, the president and others on his team have tempered their comments…

Team Obama is all branding and marketing, so when they’re doing a terrible job even at talking, that’s a problem. But don’t worry! They’re back on message now, so everything is super awesome! But wait, there’s more — Larry Summers has encouraging words, too:

What we need today is more optimism and more confidence,” Summers said.

He called it a “very good moment” to make investments in new construction and other projects. “There are a very large number of things that are on sale today.”

Emphasis mine. What we need today is for Congress and the White House to adjust the policies that contributed to the housing bubble instead of throwing around taxpayer money like Barney Frank at a gay strip joint. You’ve got to give these guys credit. Before, I thought they were just making things up! Now, I know they’re just making things up.

Finance ministers from those 20 nations, including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, were meeting near London this weekend to discuss the April agenda. Geithner was seeking a commitment from the other countries to increase stimulus spending. But many in Europe are calling for better financial regulation, not spending.

Again, emphasis mine. It’s March, and Obama’s already dragged us left of Europe. Good.

2 thoughts on “Fix Human Nature: Done!

  1. To tell you the truth I am no longer surprised with any irrational thing that the Obama “learn as you go” administration because in a perfect Obama world we would be dancing that fine line between socialism and communism. I just expect him to do everything that I don’t want him to do I just didn’t think he would get them all out of the way in the first two months.

    The most shocking thing in this post was that you got your roommate to talk about politics, I bow down to you because him talking about politics is the equivalent of Barney Frank not talking like a cartoon character.

  2. Haha, yeah… takes something pretty ridiculous to get him to chime in. Has Frank ever talked like something other than a cartoon character? I can’t think of a topic where I’d trust him to be even remotely serious.

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