Cultural Enrichmet: Dollhouse

This past Friday’s new episode of Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” turned a mediocre and entertaining show into a good, possibly great, show. Part way through the episode I began to expect some important characters to begin dying, but what actually happened was far better than I could have imagined. I like the direction the show is taking, and cannot wait for Alpha to be revealed (Alan Tudyk – crossing my fingers that the rumors are true).

Mr. Whedon continues to amaze me with his character development. Just as you begin to enjoy a character for who they are, they become awesome (typically by the way in which they die, but not always). If you still haven’t fallen in love with every character in “Firefly,” you should watch the series. I cannot imagine how a person would not enjoy that show. It has a good story, great cast, and every character is one to enjoy. Joss Whedon continues to impress with the characters in “Dollhouse,” even if the show is not as good as “Firefly” was.

If you haven’t caught any of the show, I believe you can catch up with most of it on Hulu – (I would put a link in there, but that seems to be an issue with my blackberry, so you get the web address instead). For those of you out there who are not Whedonites, new episodes are on Fox every Friday at 9:00, enjoy the show!

[Update: Now that I’m at my PC, here’s a link for you.  Hulu]

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