MSNBC is good for something

— a laugh. I went to Wendy’s for lunch, and made the mistake of sitting near the TV playing MSNBC instead of the one playing ESPN. Between a stilted interview that made it abundantly clear the afternoon host had no clue what she was talking about, there was a commercial for some of the network’s prime-time programming.

Cue President Obama gazing into the future, hopeful yet somber: splashed next to him, the words “Save the economy” as a voice-over asks “Will the American people support President Obama’s efforts to save the economy?” Followed by a dramatic flyby of the logo for Chris Matthews’ show, whose title should be changed to Slowpitch until the end of Obama’s term.

Here’s President Obama signing a bill, serious and triumphant, as the narrator asks, “Can President Obama’s budget make it past the Republican ‘No’ Machine?” A shot of Keith Olbermann looking, as ever, like San Francisco’s third-best used car salesman.

I wonder how often MSNBC teased a Bush-era broadcast with an implicit endorsement of Dubya’s attempts to “save” something. I wonder how many times Congressional Democrats were referred to as a No Machine (a contraption integral to the manufacture of NoesTM) from 2001-2008. It seems cruel that Robert Gibbs is forced to flounder through his daily press secretary responsibilities; why not cut costs by directing any questions for the Obama administration straight to MSNBC’s news headquarters?

What’s laughable is that people whine and cry about what partisan beasts Fox hosts are… and then return to watching MSNBC. Fact: Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann are clowns. If you think one is an angel and the other a demon, you too may qualify for oversized shoes and a squeaky nose! Unfair as Fox News may be in their selection of personalities, imagery, topics, and tone, let’s not pretend MSNBC is any fairer.

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