Someone Tighten His Bolts!

Yesterday FrankenKerry emerged from the dank seclusion of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to wreak havoc in an interview with USA Today:

Just back from a visit to Pakistan, Sen. John Kerry says the Obama administration’s plan for that volatile country, rolled out last month with great fanfare, “is not a real strategy.”

“Pakistan is in a moment of peril,” Kerry, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said during a session with USA TODAY reporters and editors. “And I believe there is not in place yet an adequate policy or plan to deal with it.”

The problem with talking, and talking, and talking, and talking is that sometimes people record what you’re saying. And, with most of your talking coming directly from your hind-quarters, it’s only a matter of time before you contradict yourself so glaringly that others notice.

Kerry’s comments amounted to one of the sharpest appraisals by a Democrat of one of Obama’s signature foreign policies. They marked a change from his initial reaction to Obama’s announcement of his plan for the region in a speech March 27, when Kerry issued a statement calling it “realistic and bold.”

Realistic but not real. Like Senator Kerry’s hair! Or President Obama’s cooperative attitude!

Kerry also criticized… something about a Pakistani military operation.

“The army went in, they expended a lot of energy for us, some lives, and you know, nothing came in underneath it – absolutely nothing. So you’re going to wind up with a bunch of folks who are going to hate you.

“If the army’s going to take the risk of going in there, for God’s sake you have the civil component coming in, so you win something for it,” Kerry said.

“Nothing came in underneath it” — is Kerry calling for deployment of America’s long-secret MoleBot Middle East Peace Drones? No, that would be silly. What Kerry wants is $1.5 billion in aid for Pakistan, with no requirement that Pakistan renounce terrorism. Note also how Kerry seems to assume the Pakistani army is a branch of the United States military, with America responsible for any internal strife. In Pakistan. Caused by Pakistani military operations.

I’m so relieved that when we got rid of Cowboy Dubya we didn’t have to forfeit our right to be represented around the world by John Kerry.

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