Standoff at The Blackwell

What the deuce is happening on the OSU campus this evening? Around 7:30 as I was walking to the Northwest Garage from central campus, I narrowly avoided stepping off the curb in front of a Honda racing the wrong direction down Neil Avenue, red and blues flashing inside his windshield. At the same time I noticed two police cruisers sitting on the sidewalk near the Northwest Garage exit, lights on.

In a moment the police were running back to their cars… the law-Honda zipped off of Neil onto the sidewalk and up to Woodruff; one of the cruisers cut past the architecture building to Woodruff by way of the sidewalk; the second cruiser went down Ives Dr. towards Tuttle Park Pl. Another moment later and there was a cruiser passing in front of Fisher Hall on the sidewalk, headed west. Weird. So what important or crazy person (or both, maybe) is at The Blackwell?

I sat in the car for a few minutes finishing a phone conversation with mom, and got out of the garage and onto Tuttle Park Place without any trouble. There were three cruisers in front of The Blackwell when I turned left onto Woody Hayes, but traffic on Tuttle Park Place seemed to be passing uninhibited. Presumably whatever was happening was not a bomb scare, or the police would be doing less swarming and more cordoning.

There were two cruisers with an SUV pulled over on Kenny Rd. in front of Fisher Commons. Related catastrophe? Either the situation is nothing terribly important, or,, and are all doing their jobs badly today…

[Update: The Lantern reports that it was an “aggressive panhandler” who ran from the police. Boy was that a lot of heat for an aggressive panhandler.]

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