The Art of Having it Both Ways

For all her fresh and wonderful big government positions, Nancy Pelosi is apparently too dumb for the standard political hedging. I’ll not pretend this is a habit unique to the Democrats of the past decade, but the example of the Iraq war comes to mind: leading Democrats had heaps of fun talking about the threat of Saddam, and the war resolution easily passed both houses of Congress. But, when it became more politically important to protect “our children” from being sent to war, the only reasons for war were Bush’s blood-lust and avarice.

So, too, with “torture.” When briefed on techniques the CIA felt were important to get information from known terrorists, Nancy Pelosi either saw the prudence of letting them carry on as intended, or was too baked to know what was happening around her. Yet Pelosi was at the forefront when the media decided waterboarding was a fate worse than death and it was time for the Warm And Fuzzy Party to hop aboard the latest circuit of the Dubya hate train.

The irreplaceable Andy McCarthy wrote on the topic earlier this evening,

Unless a victim is killed by torture such that the death penalty comes into play (which is not alleged here), American law regards conspiracy to commit torture as something exactly as serious, punished exactly as severely, as actual torture. As it happens, I don’t think waterboarding as administered by the CIA was torture. But Pelosi says she does. If that’s where you’re coming from, how do you get off the hook by saying you only knew about a plan to torture but not actual torture?

What Representative Pelosi is doing here is digging herself a deeper and deeper hole. The last thing Team Obama needs right now is a foreign policy distraction from their glorious plans to fix all aspects of American business and culture while tending to the every need of the American poor!

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