Toddler’s Ban on Meanies Could Prove Ineffective

Headline of the week: “UN sanctions on NKorea may be futile

If you’re not a member of the UN, you’re not looking to become a member of the UN, you trade with countries indifferent to the blathering of the UN, and your giant communist neighbor watches your back at the UN, it’s conceivable that maybe the UN can’t control your actions.

The sanctions allow for inspection of North Korean cargo, which might have been sort of useful, oh, fifteen years ago.

But the North Koreans have proved to be wily traders in the past, and many of their customers may be nations like Iran and Syria that may not cooperate with U.N. sanctions.

Much of the freight can also be transported by plane, and one of the North’s most prized products — technical nuclear know-how — is safe in the minds, hard drives and brief cases of their scientists who can travel without restrictions and transfer their knowledge in person.

I’m sorry, perhaps I should state my position on the North Korea situation: Bomb. Their. Shit. Maybe by now it would be too little, too late, but I’ll never understand the logic behind watching lunatics develop bigger and bigger missiles and more and more nuclear facilities.

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