If you’re not fired up about government health insurance, foreign policy dictated by the UN, and environmentalist control of the economy – start getting fired up. Our centrist President is not going to drop any of his big-government plans, and the GOP is barely going to slow his stride. We can at least hope that harsh realities in Iran, North Korea, or Pah-kee-stahn will draw President Obama’s attention away from… hah! Just kidding.

While Boehner, Cantor, and several others repeat a consistent message about prudence and personal responsibility, their fellow Congressmen and governors have better things to do.

The GOP faces long odds at getting a message through the national media in the best of circumstances. And while prominent Republicans keep fooling around? Maybe our problem is that we ask too much. We want our elected officials to govern well and legislate wisely, but who has time for either when you’re juggling an affair? And how is the media supposed to dedicate any time to Republican proposals, with Obama Obama Obama and GOP scandals to chatter about?

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