Community is Great

Community is everything I hoped it’d be: a little cheesy, a little quirky, really funny. Chevy Chase is bearable! Joel McHale is great at being a lovable SOB. It’s sure to be on Hulu tomorrow if you missed tonight’s pilot.

And now, a decision: Leno, or Always Sunny? Haha – just kidding.

(If you haven’t watched Leno, let me save you some time: it’s a lame pop-culture snoozefest. Boring interviews with vapid people, plus boring skits that go much longer than they should. Five nights a week!)

One thought on “Community is Great

  1. Holy Crap Community is hilarious and the second episode did not let us down. Ken Jeong was a fantastic addition as the Spanish teacher. “So don’t question Senor Chang or you’ll get bit.” We can all just be glad that it’s not on FOX, it is just too good to be canceled.

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