Not Connected?

From CNN, “Spate of terrorism arrests not connected, analysts say,”

“The profiles of the people… generally speaking is much closer to what we see among European Muslims,” he said. “They tend to be less well integrated” into mainstream society, and in many cases have faced economic difficulties and unemployment, Bergen said.

If there is a link among the suspects, Bergen said, “it’s a feeling of exclusion from the American dream.”

Emphasis mine. I’m not sure why CNN needs to ask analysts. Isn’t the root cause of terrorism always the same? If only we could wring some more money out of the Haves, the Have-Nots would stop trying to blow things up.

Consider Najibullah Zazi. He can afford gallons upon gallons of explosive reagents. He can pay for a rental car to drive across the country. He has connections in Colorado and in New York. Seems like he and his pals could get by pretty well, if they’d invest their money in something other than bombings and spend a teensy bit less of their time planning the murder of infidels.

But no. If Muslims rich and poor are killing their neighbors all around the world, it only proves that we need to work harder not to exclude people.

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