And now, a word from John McCain

Reuters is carrying a story today about John McCain, who says the GOP had better shape up before the 2010 elections. You remember John McCain, right? He’s that Republican senator whose regular flirtations with big-government nonsense represent the party’s most serious problem. Forgive me if I read this story with more than the standard amount of skepticism.

“There’s something going on out there. And I’d love to sit here and tell you that we Republicans are attracting all of those unhappy people, but we’re not. They’re out there kind of in the middle and they haven’t found a home. And in fact they haven’t even channeled their anger yet,” he said.

Despite what you may think, McCain is not joking. While most pundits muse on whether Tea Party wingnuts who dare complain about out of control spending will pull the GOP too far to the right, McCain crams a new situation into his standard argument that conservatism is for losers and Republicans should “moderate” their ranks.

I seem to recall the leading case for John McCain in 2008 being that he could win “moderate” and “independent” voters. That went… poorly. I’d love to see Republicans offer fiscally and socially conservative candidates in every election – especially given how wildly off-the-rails the Democratic leadership is on spending, personal freedom, and national defense. But instead we have old pros like John McCain telling us, no, the problem is that Republicans aren’t helpful enough when it comes to piling debt on top of debt to pay for things government has no business doing.

But he said Republican candidates running in 2010 needed to “portray a far more positive agenda for America” and that the party needed to recruit good candidates and attract Hispanic voters who have been heavily courted by Democrats. Hispanics are the fastest-growing minority in the United States.

Right… sorry we forgot, John – amnesty for the win. I’m sure you’ll also help the GOP in this election cycle by crafting some cap & trade compromise where Americans get screwed only six instead of seven ways from Sunday, Senator.

At The Corner today, Mark Steyn was commenting on the 23rd District race in New York, where GOP leaders are lining up behind another “moderate” Republican (ie, someone whose positions are indecipherable from the average Democrat’s). Steyn had this to say:

The problem with NY-23 is that we don’t have a two-party system. The GOP leadership decided to join the Democrats in offering voters a one-party system of Dem and Demmer. Nuts to that.

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