Fine Dining

Flyer’s Pizza: It’s like Donato’s, but not $30!

If you like pizza and you reside in central Ohio, look no further. I’ve lived 10 minutes from a Flyer’s since last June, but rarely get a chance to try new pizza places with a not-completely-great but so-wonderfully-cheap Little Ceasar’s nearby.

Raising Cane’s opened their newest Ohio store recently, and it’s as good as the others despite being a tiny building on a tiny lot. You need to check Cane’s out if you’re not a fan already! All the Ohio restaurants are in Columbus, which is unfortunate if you live in a small town (or one of the inferior Big Cities).

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is good, but not good enough to be NINE FREAKING DOLLARS for a single cheeseburger, regular fry, and small drink. Sorry, I noticed the receipt sitting on my desk and was reminded of the sticker shock I’ve gotten both times I’ve eaten at the South Campus Gateway location. Know what I miss? K’s Hamburger Shop in Troy – burgers just as good as Five Guys, fresh pies behind the counter, and prices that blow the hoity-toity Five Guys menu out of the water.

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