“Republican” Endorses Democrat in NY-23

True colors, shining through:

Scozzafava dropped out after Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman experienced a late-in-the-game surge. The move was expected to consolidate GOP voters behind Hoffman on Tuesday.

But on Sunday, Scozzafava backed Democrat Bill Owens — the announcement was made in a statement sent out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Scozzafava was always a dumb call by Gingrich and the National Republican Congressional Committee. When Scozzafava ended her campaign, though, it looked like maybe she was stepping aside so her supporters could line up behind the conservative candidate. Nope – just admitting the obvious so she could funnel votes to the candidate of the big government party!

It says nothing good about the GOP when a “Republican” backed by the party’s elite is left of the Blue Dog Democrats… and won’t even endorse a conservative opponent who voters have rallied around.

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