An alien mothership? Or President Obama?

The parallels between V and Team Obama were obvious from the earliest teasers: a thin-skinned, exciting leader of unknown background; meaningless “hope and change” rhetoric met with thunderous applause; universal health care at no cost; etc. Replace the largely skeptical press with an overwhelmingly fawning one, and Morena Baccarin‘s character could be named Barack!

The show looks silly, especially since the very first commercial I saw revealed the “twist” that the Visitors are lizard-folk. However, the opening credits said all I needed to hear:

Guest starring Alan Tudyk

If Nathan Fillion wasn’t busy being mega-awesome on cheesy but enjoyable Castle, this would be a Firefly reunion show!

First impression is that yes, V is a little hokey. The teenage character Toolbox Magee and his pal Husker-du have gotten old already. But wow, is it funny that this show is piloting as election results pour in! The opposition leader’s speech about Visitors infiltrated in all areas of society and the time to stop them running short… with ABC’s election results scrolling across the bottom. Oh, to live in a district with Government For All Occasions liberals being trounced today!

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