CNN to the Rescue

Political Editor Mark Preston peeked out of President Obama’s pocket early this morning to post a side-busting election results story on – “Analysis: Elections not a referendum on Obama.” It doesn’t matter, you see, that Republicans Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell won governorships in New Jersey and Virginia, respectively. It also doesn’t matter that Christie got the support of 60% of Independents, while McDonnell received 66% of the Independent vote – numbers that, since CNN seems to have forgotten, are what you’d call “a landslide.”

Naturally CNN knows what went wrong for Democrats Corzine and Deeds:

Neither Democratic candidate was Obama; neither was a great spokesman for “change;” and Democratic strategists and grassroots activists said each candidate failed to give independents a reason to support them.

I honestly laughed out loud at this sentence. When President Obama was elected amid circumstances that would have challenged a party far more competent than the GOP of 2008, CNN pundits could scarce contain their delight. A new era! A monumental shift towards the sort of government-first, government last, and government in the middle country that CNN wishes we had! Now the network would rather wax nostalgic on 2008 than consider that maybe Americans are smarter than that. My hope is that Krauthammer’s right, because the alternative would be mighty depressing.

Still, in the coming days a storyline will develop that this was a referendum on Obama and his policies.

But not if CNN’s crack reporting staff has anything to say about it. Back to the important angle: partisan strife in the GOP!

At the same time, another narrative will continue to evolve over the future of the Republican Party as grassroots conservative activists seek to increase their influence following the success of forcing the centrist Republican nominee in a New York congressional special election from the race.

No one outside of Manhattan, Chicago, or San Francisco would call Dede Scozzafava a “centrist Republican.” No one. CNN’s continued flagrant bias, combined with their winking assertion that they possess none, can only guide them downward into irrelevance (while helping the stock of a certain evil non-news network I’m happy to own).

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