219 Democrats and A Republican

voted tonight to pass a 2,000 page bill none of them has read. 219 Democrats and 1 Republican would like to demolish our flawed health insurance system and replace it with one where bureaucrats decide what coverage is acceptable, what we should be charged for it, and the rates at which care providers will be compensated. No word as to how any of the above will be paid for, why companies who can save money by shunting employees into a government program will do otherwise, or what sort of masochists will choose to be doctors in such a rigged system.

But don’t worry! The Pelosi plan will guarantee the prompt, effective health care of over 300,000,000 people without adding to the deficit or limiting choice! We should not rule out the possibility that some of those two thousand pages are blueprints for medical robots that cost nothing to build, cost nothing to operate, and cost nothing to maintain.

Democrats easily voted down Republicans’ attempt to pass their own bill, which would have more narrowly expanded health insurance and cost $61 billion over a decade.

A $61 billion dollar overhaul is not nearly a big enough overhaul. The GOP is the “party of no” ambition! Republicans simply lack the dedication of Democrats who know how to run every damn thing on earth better than the industry professionals who do so for a living.

Democrats portrayed their legislation as a moral imperative that would achieve a goal sought by presidents since Theodore Roosevelt. They argued it would fix the worst aspects of the medical system by preventing insurers from denying coverage to the sick and protecting consumers from financial ruin caused by medical bills.

At long last, the United States can be free from the tyranny of risk and reward! Every man, woman, and child shall have their own Aflac duck to pay for all their needs with someone else’s money. Next up: cause and effect. Cause and effect are assholes, and it’s morally incumbent on Congress to use pretend dollars to make them go away.

“It is testimony to how we care for our fellow citizens,” said John Larson (D., Conn.). “It is at the very core of all that America stands for, and why we came here to serve.”

Bankrupting America is at the very core of all that America stands for. Or did I miss the Paul Krugman essay on how $1,500,000,000,000 is no big deal? The fight’s not over yet, but it looks like there are plenty of House Democrats willing to flush their careers for this insane leftist cause.

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