Considering Thinking about Developing a Policy

Wouldn’t you know it, we elected the guy despite conservative complaints about his apparent lack of interest in all things military, and his “policy” after nearly 10 months in office is still to whine about everything President Bush did wrong. From the Los Angeles Times:

President Obama and his war council today plan to review four basic strategy options for Afghanistan that could increase the number of U.S. troops there by as many as 40,000 or fewer than 10,000.

The White House insisted Tuesday that Obama has not decided how many additional troops to send or how he will deploy them, though the White House has narrowed the options to those outlined by his national security team, the Pentagon and Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the top U.S. and allied commander in Afghanistan.

So now, in mid-November, President Obama is going to convene a meeting to have a discussion about making a decision based on General McCrystal’s recommendation from early October. Good news though, they’ve narrowed down the list of options to… the list of options being considered a month ago. Lest we forget

When Obama took office, he ordered an Afghanistan review of his own. Led by former CIA official Bruce Riedel, the Obama review team looked at Afghanistan and made its recommendations. On March 27, the president announced his new Afghanistan strategy–one that included many of the recommendations of the Bush administration’s review. And that is another indignity. Not only did the Obama administration understand full well that the Bush administration had conducted a comprehensive assessment of Afghanistan, and not only had Jim Jones asked that the Bush review be withheld from the public–but Obama’s “new” strategy bore an uncanny resemblance to that prescribed by the Lute review.

The next time some hippie is bashing President Bush because he finished reading to children on the morning of 9/11, remind ’em that President Obama took nearly a year to develop a policy for the “necessary war” that President Bush allegedly ignored. Don’t even bring up the transparency thing, because only fascists like George W. Bush should be taken to task for the sort of things Obama’s people do on a weekly basis.

Veterans, God bless you, and thanks for all you’ve done. Men and women currently in uniform, we can only pray for leadership worthy of your service…

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