Doing Something about Iran

This story being reported by the New York Times seems like a start…

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan began legal action on Thursday to seize properties in Queens and across the country where several mosques are located in a broad move against a nonprofit organization that was accused of illegally providing money and other services to Iran.

I’ll take any sign that we’re being serious about our enemies as a good one at this point. There is, of course, concern about Islamophobia.

“Because information is lacking, this might well cause yet another wave of fear in the Muslim community,” said Adem Carroll, chairman of the Muslim Consultative Network, an advocacy group. “It would be sad if word in our community starts spreading that the government will shut us all down. Already some think this is a war against the religion; that is a very unhelpful perception.

That would be sad, but what’s sadder is that any time something like this happens there always seems to be a Muslim advocacy group ready with warnings and excuses. Know what lends to the perception that there’s a religious war going on? Muslims in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Texas, Chicago, and New York plotting and carrying out the murder of infidels.

Meanwhile, back at the State Department:

She [Secretary Clinton] spoke of “consequences” — tougher international sanctions — if Iran spurned the offer. German counterpart Guido Westerwelle said the six powers’ patience was “not infinite.”

Diplomats say Western powers will reconsider sanctions if there is no breakthrough with Iran by the end of the year.

The UN is so cute! You ignore sanctions, they threaten you with new sanctions unless you’ll talk to them. You string them along for awhile, they say, “hey, you guys had better not stop stringing us along, or we’re going to enforce those old sanctions you’ve been ignoring this whole time!” Then you bat your eyelashes and the UN says, “aw, shucks, what’s another six months among mortal enemies whose spineless diplomats talk like friends?”

Sadly, I’m not real sure infinity minus one is a threatening deadline. Ah, well… two steps forward, three steps closer to being nuked. Israel, far more likely to be on the receiving end, has less infinite patience.

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