Chuck Season 3 Premiere(s)

As occasional readers – both of you – will know, I’ve been a big fan of NBC’s Chuck although season 2 occasionally bummed me out. I really enjoyed the season 2 finale, because it avoided further overuse of the will-they-won’t-they drama while including plenty of the show’s quality humor and action. Let’s get the spoiler alert out of the way now, in case you’re still catching up on season 2 or haven’t watched the new episodes from last night and tonight!

Season 2 ended such that I was optimistic for the third season – giving Chuck a limitless supply of skills seemed like a great way to use the silly “intersect” concept that we’ve accepted to immediately transform the character. I was looking forward to Chuck as bumbling doofus/super spy, working with Agent Sexypants and Colonel Casey on a variety of fun missions. No need for dumb on-again, off-again romance between Chuck and Sarah, since they get in enough trouble that every episode is a dramatic chance for either (or both) of them to almost die. Yes, I knew this was too much to expect.

The first episode of season 3 had its moments, but was overall a big disappointment. Why, when the woman of his dreams wants to drop everything and run away with him, would Chuck back out? I’m happy to ignore lots of unbelievable things the show does to make spy drama light and entertaining, but the Chuck and Sarah business in Chuck Versus the Pink Slip was too much. The second episode explained it away somewhat, but to quote my eminently wise roommate:

If something is an infinitely stupid thing to do and you make it less stupid by half, it is still an infinitely stupid thing to do.

There are characters who would make the decision Chuck made for the reasons he explained in Chuck Versus the Three Words. Chuck is not one of these characters. Having seen for two years how Sarah and Casey are jerked around by their superiors, he would never choose espionage over Sarah Walker unless lame writers decided it’d be a nice way to draw out the sexual tension. Also, Mopey Chuck is someone we had seen enough of by the end of season 1, so this was a bad idea all around.

On the bright side, episodes 2 and 3 were better; the show is still funny, and Adam Baldwin still rocks worlds. The sooner Chuck and Sarah get together and stay together, the sooner we can stop wasting time on longing glances and all that crap! Were I Zachary Levi, I would have demanded twice as much making out with Yvonne Strahovski months ago. But then, Zachary Levi is probably a toolbox in real life, whereas in real life Yvonne Strahovski is Australian.

2 thoughts on “Chuck Season 3 Premiere(s)

  1. I have to agree that anyone would be stupid to pass up on Sarah for a job they loathed from the beginning. I can understand his motives to stay but Chuck staying with things is a bit of a stretch even after he explains why. But there have been some highlights already: best end to an annoying character(Emmitt) by assassin bullet to the eye, Vinnie Jones(makes anything good), the Karina/Sarah dressing scene(no matter how implausible it is), and Awesome truly getting to be awesome. I still have hope for the show but that just depends on the way the writers go and how quickly they can put the on-off relationship to the back burner.

  2. There’s still a lot to like – but yeah, I hope they don’t wreck it with tons of relationship drama. Implausible is fine if it serves the fun parts of the show, but not when it means Chuck or Sarah doing stupid things just so they can make sad eyes at each other for a hundred more episodes!

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