In case you forgot…

The past two election cycles, we’ve put some heavy-duty hippies in Ohio congressional seats. Senator Brown and Representative Kilroy wanted to remind us of that, so they gave a fun Obamacare pep rally to a union group on Thursday. I personally find myself taking the lazy, jaded, “I prefer conservatives, but a politician’s a politician” mindset more often than I should. Mary Jo Kilroy sharpens the mind:

Kilroy said the health-care measures, such as extending coverage to the uninsured and eliminating insurance restrictions based on pre-existing conditions, will “improve the lives of all Americans.”

“It is paid for and will lower the deficit,” Kilroy said. “What is not to like about that?

“This is the beta version. We’re going to keep working.”

And let’s not forget Sherrod Brown’s contribution to this conversation:

Brown called the health-care reforms the most important cause since civil rights in the 1960s.

“The main reason people are living longer is because of activists and progressives getting the government to fight for things that matter to them,” the senator said.

Representative Kilroy describes as “paid for” a bill that uses 10 years of taxes, fines, and mythical cuts to pay for 6 years of outlays. Senator Brown literally thinks we owe our lives to the government and to the politicians dedicated to its limitless expansion. When our taxes go even higher, remember that Kilroy and Brown were shoveling more coal as the Democrats’ entitlement train went off a cliff. More handouts! More debt! More big-government rhetoric with no connection to reality!

Read those quotes again and let ’em sink in. We elected these people. We probably should not have.

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