Cultural Enrichment, Issue Norm

Because I’m such an exciting guy, thinking “are they ever going to release The Norm Show on DVD?” and then Googling for the answer is the sort of thing I do on a Saturday night. It’s a topic that often comes up when I think about funny TV shows: Norm Macdonald is my favorite comedian, and The Norm Show featured a wienerdog named Wienerdog.

I was happy to find that during an extended lapse in my Norm-Show-DVD-checking routine, it was announced that Shout Factory is releasing a box set of all three seasons on September 7, 2010! Fellow TV nerds may recognize Shout Factory as the folks who released Freaks and Geeks (a boring, somewhat humorous show whose hype I wish I had ignored) on DVD.

Amazon is taking pre-orders for The Norm Show at $45 a pop. All the cool kids are pre-ordering it. On the bright side, you can do so even if you aren’t cool, as evidenced by the fact that Amazon accepted my order.

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