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It’s been a busy weekend for our most important Middle Eastern partners for peace, the Iranians. Friday, 08/20/2010:

Iran’s defense minister says military forces have successfully test-fired a missile with enhanced guidance systems to hit ground targets.

Saturday, 08/21/2010:

Iran has crossed a new nuclear threshold, but it’s one the Obama administration isn’t worried about.


“Because the Bush administration did such a good job of neutralizing the Bushehr reactor, we don’t view it as a proliferation threat,” said a White House official, who requested anonymity to discuss the issue freely.

Some experts, however, disagree. They warn that Iran could still use Bushehr to enhance its uranium enrichment program – located some 300 miles away at Natanz – that the U.N. Security Council is demanding be halted amid charges that it is part of a secret nuclear arms development project. Iran denies the allegation.

Sunday, 08/22/2010:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is hailing the country’s first domestically built drone bomber.  The unmanned aircraft, unveiled Sunday, is the latest in a series of Iranian announcements of military advances.

Somehow I doubt President Obama’s assurances are having much impact on Israeli planning. Israel doesn’t have the luxury of being that stupid.

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