Mary Jo Kilroy Lies Like a Dog

The only fun thing about receiving campaign mailers is that brief second when your brain is processing whether it’s a promotional or a smear piece. So, I hope Chris Redfern won’t hold it against me that I smirked when I opened my mailbox to an ad featuring this graphic:

Reading from left to right, I expected the caption under my congresswoman’s face to say “Mad Dog,” but since this is a pro-Kilroy mailer it instead reinforces the image of Representative Kilroy swatting Wall Street’s behind with a newspaper. No, bad Wall Street! Bad! Stop providing ways for the corporations that employ millions of Americans to expand and conduct research! Stop allowing Americans to grow the money that we, the government let them keep!

Mary Jo Kilroy isn’t courting the votes of people who invest in the stock market. She’s not interested in anyone who understands that, even when they make stupid or selfish decisions, Wall Street firms create more jobs and opportunities than Kilroy ever has or ever will. Mary Jo Kilroy is a socialist, and I say that knowing it’s worse for me to call a duck a duck than it is for Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern to call me a f***er.

The highlight of the Kilroy piece, once you get past that fleeting moment of first-glance entertainment? It repeats a falsehood that was thrashed a full three weeks ago by

Representative Kilroy was not in Congress when TARP passed. She voted “Yea” on a much later House disapproval resolution, knowing that a previous Senate decision guaranteed her vote would have no impact. We get it, Mary Jo! You only like businesses that produce union bosses and Democrat campaign contributions! There’s no need to lie about your awful record to drive home that point.

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