Letting Lying Kilroys Lie

The Ohio Democratic Party really likes this “Mary Jo voted against the Wall Street bailout” line – you can tell, because they keep printing it although it keeps not being true:

ODP mailer for Mary Jo Kilroy, received 10/05/2010

Like the ODP mailer I received 09/24, this one again cites a 01/22/2009 House vote that took place well after TARP had passed, with the knowledge that it would have no impact. This isn’t a minor typo or a case of questionable wording that takes liberties with the facts. Kilroy’s ads from the Ohio Democratic Party are consistently, prominently bragging about something that did not happen.

Moe Lane covered this in a post way back on June 17th. FactCheck.org dissected it at the beginning of September, and so did The Columbus Dispatch (which you’d think one or two ODP strategists might skim):

The most dubious claim in the ad is that Kilroy voted “against the bank bailout.” She was not yet in Congress when the Troubled Assets Recovery Program, championed by President Bush, was enacted. It is widely seen as the “bank bailout.” Kilroy’s campaign says the ad refers to her vote in January 2009 against releasing $350 billion in additional funds from the Troubled Assets Recovery Program. Kilroy was one of 99 Democrats who joined 171 Republicans in opposing the additional funds.

The vote, however, was regarded as symbolic rather than substantive. The Senate had already agreed to release the additional $350 billion, and both chambers would have had to vote against it to block the release.

In addition to the Stivers-as-fat-cat-lobbyist business you’d expect from a socialist, the Kilroy campaign is leaning on a lie that was discredited a month ago by blogs and mainstream sources alike. Guess all that money from George Soros, the abortion lobby, and the usual assortment of unions has to go somewhere!

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