Partisan Hackery Mea Culpa

Good news: with a week to go until what really ought to be a Republican landslide, I believe I’ve got this election-year bout of partisan hackery out of my system. Back to writing boring things about politics and boring things about other topics at a roughly 1:1 ratio!

To recap, nobody should vote for Maryellen O’Shaughnessy. Unless you’re a public union member, in which case go for it; after all, your dues are paying for her campaign! If possible, even fewer than zero people should vote for Mary Jo Kilroy, a socialist who has no business telling businesses what to do. OH-15 and America in general are better off without her, however much the leeches at the AFSCME might disagree. Noticing a pattern here?

Outside of Ohio, one of my satirical Bob Etheridge (D-NC) ads was picked up by his opponent Renee Ellmers’s attack site, which is just dandy as far as I’m concerned. Ellmers – like John Kasich, Steve Stivers, and most of Ohio’s GOP ticket – seems like an incredibly easy choice given the alternative.

As President Obama would say, let me be clear: I am not a party guy. I worked a couple of trivial events for Congressman Boehner during high school, volunteered when Dubya visited Troy in 2004, and put in a few hours at Ken Blackwell’s headquarters in 2006. But, despite all my transparently racist fear-mongering, I have little love for the Ohio GOP. Bob Taft? Mike DeWine? George Voinovich? These are hardly the sort of steely conservatives we can count on to do what’s politically difficult and economically necessary, and the state party has no shortage of their kind.

If being the grandson of a county commissioner is good for anything, it’s b.s. detection. From a young age I got to see that some of the movers & shakers in my own party are miserable human beings, and that most of the folks in the other party are not. As final reminders to vote, you should read this piece by Frank at IMAO and check out this video!

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