Hamas: Partners for Peace

An old story that tells itself, or would if Western media weren’t so dedicated to portraying Israel as the villain in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

“Let it be understood far and near that after the war, the siege, the internal and external plots: we will not recognise Israel,” he told the cheering crowds.

Who is Agence France-Presse quoting here, some fringe Islamist? An Iranian cleric, or one of Iran’s Hezbollah puppets? Nah, that’s just the senior leader of Hamas, the elected band of murderous lunatics in charge of the Gaza Strip.

Ahead of its anniversary celebrations, Hamas reiterated its aim to recover all of historic Palestine from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.

“We will cede none of it, and we will not recognise the so-called state of Israel,” a statement said on Monday, adding that its aim was to make Jerusalem the “capital of the state of Palestine” and pledging to work against Israel’s “methods of Judaisation” in the Holy City.

In 1949 and 1967, Israel successfully defended herself from her Arab neighbors’ attempts to destroy the Jewish homeland drawn up by the UN after WWII. Refugees in the territory Israel captured have been used as poker chips by their leaders and other Arab leaders for the better part of a century. Responding to international pressure, Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005. How much goodwill has that resulted in, five years later?

Processing peace

Umm… that’s another Hamas leader, Mahmoud Zahar, in an AP photo from Gaza City last week. Ol’ Mahmoud is celebrating the 23rd Hamasiversary by walking on an Israeli flag which reads “For sure will be destroyed. Israel” in Arabic. So far, the UN strategy of demanding that Israel give up ever more territory is working wonders! One snag: how brainless a diplomat do you have to be to work towards a “two-state solution” when one of those states insists the other cannot exist?

Little details to keep in mind when you hear about how Israel is stalling the Middle East peace process by not bending over far enough to accommodate the losers of a war that ended decades ago.

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