Knowing You’ve Made It

At risk of rehashing the Ricochet conversation Rob Long started last week about entertainers jumping all over Speaker Boehner (who, at the time, was just Congressman Boehner): did anyone watch SNL last night? I can remember John Boehner speaking in the cafeteria at Miami East High School; now he’s really made it.

I tuned in to SNL for The Black Keys, and by midnight was doubting my decision. The persistently underwhelming Weekend Update sketch featured an interview with Kristen Wiig as Nancy Pelosi and Bill Hader as John Boehner. Guess who played the punching bag?

As Conor Friedersdorf said in Rob’s thread, we conservatives do sometimes protest too much about attacks from New York and Hollywood liberals. Everyone loves to generalize (see what I did there?) and of course we’re more likely to notice memes that rub us the wrong way.

Still, the Weekend Update bit is enlightening: note how Pelosi and Boehner are mocked. For every second Wiig acts like an airhead, Hader spends twenty seconds sobbing. The crux of the bit is that Boehner will cry about anything… except for “millions of uninsured Americans.” Pelosi is attacked for – can you guess? – not explaining Obamacare better.

Even if late-night shows ridicule politicians on both sides of the aisle, the attacks almost always come from the left. With that in mind, should we be surprised the cruelest rhetoric is reserved for those furthest from the “correct” way of thinking? Regarding Conor’s suggestion that treatment is fairly equal: has history ever produced a politician who pitched more comedic softballs than Nancy Pelosi? Yet Pelosi is shown as a tiny bit of a ditz, while Boehner will be excoriated for years because he’s gotten too emotional on-camera.

On the bright side, the Keys closed with Tighten Up.

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