About Those Protestors…

Though I’m hardly the expert on protesting or political lobbying, it stands to reason that your goal is to look as “mainstream” and “broad-based” as possible when you’re agitating for something. With that in mind, who’s really behind the opposition to Governor Kasich’s stated goal of bridging Ohio’s budget deficit without raising taxes?

The contact person at OneOhioNow.org was kind enough to send a list of OneOhio Now’s endorsers, as of Jan. 16th. I hadn’t heard of many of the groups listed, so let’s see what they’re all about using the power of The Webs!

35 member groups, and 8 of them are unions. The others are a mix of Progressive think-tanks, Progressive lobbying groups, Progressive community organizers, and center-left charities. I kind of wish there was something interesting to say about this, but there’s not; if it walks like a leftist and talks like a leftist, who should be surprised that its member list is tilted way to the left?

The problem is not that the member groups of OneOhio Now are bad. The problem is that they’re wrongwrong about higher taxes being the solution to Ohio’s problems, and wrong to demand taxpayer funds for everything. Of the charities listed above, how much more good could be achieved if they devoted their lobbying energies elsewhere? Of the unions, how much dues money is wasted expanding the union bosses’ power?

More on that later…

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