Ted Strickland, Comedian

Following up on some AFSCME business, I came across a hysterical letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal:

In each of our states, the sudden and precipitous decline in economic activity caused by the Great Recession led to a sharp decline in revenues. We struggled with the difficult and often agonizing decisions that were necessary to balance our budgets. Yet balance them we did, without depriving our workers and their unions of a voice.

Signed, Ted Strickland and three other past Democrat governors. Such bold, confident vision! Such leadership! “Yet balance them we did,” says Strickland. That statement should have been followed by an asterisk:

Strickland’s budget relies on an expected $3.4 billion in federal stimulus money.

Hey, at least Ted didn’t “[deprive] our workers and their unions of a voice” while he was papering over the problems with Ohio’s government. The governors’ letter closes with the usual boilerplate about Democratic values, which in this case amount to toeing the line of a constituency that gives Democrats bags and bags of cash.

Ted’s a busy man these days! He’s working on plans for giving us our Obamacare medicine, as head of the D.C. Bipartisan Policy Center’s Health Project. He’s helping fellow leftists found Innovation Ohio, a think-tank whose name combines the best of buzzwords and everyone’s favorite corporate welfare program. And he’s using the same multitasking prowess that helped him balance Ohio’s budget to work on his stand-up routine.

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  1. Your post ignore anything factual. Let's take a look at your god, John Kasich. Who upholds the "values" that you write for. Do you get paid per post? Incredibly false. it is FACTUAL that the Bush administration added $5.4 trillion in NEW spending. Notice I used the word NEW. No president in the history of our country has come anywhere close to that. And, guess what? You are worried about healthcare. Just think about what absolute Republican power could have done. What they did do is deregulate to the point where financial institutions stole the taxes YOU paid, not fir the first time, but for the SECOND time, a hallmark of the Republican party. Then, they hand off almost 8% unemployment 100% caused by Republican policy. If you deny this in any way, you are lying. Absolute power for 6 years and agenda power for 2 more is enough to hold the party 100% accountable. However, I am sure you will not.

    back to Ohio. Let's look at a Republican's FACTUAL response to Republican massive overspending taken from Conservative Buckeye Institute and the FACTUAL analysis on Ted Strickland who weathered one of the worst presidents in the history of our country:

    "As detailed in Six Principles, from 1990 to 2009, state general revenue expenditures increased by 131 percent and 41 percent after adjusting for inflation. After a brief respite in 2010 and 2011 (kudos to Governor Strickland), Governor Kasich’s proposed General Revenue Fund budget continues that nineteen-­?year pattern of spending increases greater than inflation. In fact, his two-­?year increase of almost 12 percent would be the second largest increase from 1990 to 2013. How can spending increase with an $8 billion deficit and Ohio’s weak economy?

    The answer: the 2012-­?2013 budget forecasts revenues to exceed expenses by $8.58 billion. This approach continues the failed practice that got Ohio into the fiscal mess it is in today."

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