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The union line is “workers’ rights,” and job one is convincing workers the right they need most is collective bargaining. The AFSCME is in the collection business: in return for your (sometimes mandatory) dues you’ll receive union protection. In theory.

Here’s the snag in their solidarity shtick: unions like the AFSCME generally charge dues as a percentage of salary. Let’s say your salary is $30,000 — how important are you to the union? If your answer is anything besides “less than 1/3 as important as someone paid $100,000,” you might need to reconsider for a minute. Think the union bosses care more about your well-being than their income?

If so, disbursements to AFSCME officers and employees would probably be less than the amount paid into member pension and insurance accounts. Right?

Public Union Union Pay, 2009 Benefits, 2009 Benefits as a %
of Union Pay
AFSCME Local 4 (OAPSE) $5,675,756.00 $1,801,307.00 32%
AFSCME Local 11 (OCSEA) $6,087,169.00 $2,511,880.00 41%
AFSCME Council 8 $6,190,855.00 $1,920,227.00 31%

AFSCME Local 4, the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE), had 33,617 members in 2009. Local 11, the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association (OCSEA), had 30,870 members. Council 8 had 36,792 members.

Looking out for… Somebody

  • Joseph Rugola, OAPSE Executive Director: $216,939
  • Gary Martin, OAPSE Associate Director: $200,163
  • Charles Roginski, OAPSE Regional Director: $164,239
  • John Lyall, AFSCME Council 8 President: $155,482
  • Andy Douglas, OCSEA Executive Director: $151,392
  • Harold Mitchell, AFSCME Council 8 First Vice President: $148,265
  • Tom Drabick, OAPSE Director of Legal Department: $144,517
  • Lloyd Rains, OAPSE Regional Director: $140,238
  • R. Sean Grayson, AFSCME Council 8 General Counsel: $130,891
  • Steve Myers, OAPSE Regional Director: $128,741

In fiscal 2009, the OAPSE paid 21 employees and officers more than $100,000. AFSCME Council 8 paid 14 employees and officers more than $100,000. The OCSEA paid 3 employees more than $100,000. Altogether, the three paid 119 union employees & officers $70,000 or more (view spreadsheet).

But the unions can’t be that bad! After all, they’re universally supported by Ohio Democrats, and the Democratic Party always has the underdog’s interests at heart — right?

Public Union Contributions
to Democrats,
to Republicans,
GOP contributions
as a %
of Dem contributions
AFSCME Local 4 (OAPSE) $2,848,216.25 $250.00 0.009%
AFSCME Local 11 (OCSEA) $1,054,561.42 $41,000.00 3.89%
AFSCME Council 8 $625,591.20 $250.00 0.04%

The AFSCME increases its reach with each additional unionized office, gains income with every pay raise a member receives, and spends millions in dues electing Democrats to support the mythology of collective bargaining as a fundamental right. If you aren’t near the top of the government union pyramid scheme, there’s no reason not to call your senator and ask ’em to support Senate Bill 5!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… the Ohio branch of the National Education Association is no better than our AFSCME locals.

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  7. Typical Republican propaganda! The Rich people aren't making as much money as they did 3 or 4 years ago so now the hard working middle class people shouldn't either. Don't worry upperclass, the middle class will make up for your mistakes! You just keep passing laws so that nobody is able to make as much money as you! What ever happened to the "American Dream?" This isn't a democracy…its a dictatorship.

  8. Mr. Beaver, I doubt you really understand what you're saying.

    So, belonging to a union is the "American Dream"? Pay a good portion of your salary for "protection" from the rich owners? Idiot, the dream is to BE the rich owner!! Why would ANYONE want to work with others so you can earn exactly what the other lazy slobs in your shop earn?

    The American Dream is to be the leader, not the middle of the pack.

    Anyone who joins a union either has to (as in Ohio teachers) or goes along with unionization because they can't make it on their own.


    Grow a brain.

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