The Union Man: Act Two

Imagine if Harold Hill, instead of peddling band supplies which he never intended to deliver, set out to organize an existing boys’ band…

Act Two

Nearly two decades have passed. Professor Hill lives in a fine home off the town square, having modestly increased his stipend with each improvement in the River City Boys’ Band’s funding. During the current lean times, Professor Hill speaks in hushed tones of the tenuous Progress made in River City following his arrival, while softening the new requests he makes of River City’s taxpayers lest they try to punish the band out of ignorance and anger.

Though the River City Boys’ Band has more members than ever, there is a stubborn insistence among some of the townsfolk that the group’s sound and marching have improved little since Professor Hill arrived. To be sure, River City loves their boys’ band… but there are rumblings that the boys’ parents pay for sheet music while the innkeeper, grocer, and pool hall manager provide band members with shiny trombones and tassled coats.

The worst nag is the town’s librarian, who claims to resent that her remittance to Town Hall pays for drumsticks and Professor Hill’s salary despite the band’s uninspired song list and River City’s unemployment rate near ten per cent. Fortunately for BBUG and the children of the town, Professor Hill’s generous support of the mayor & the barbershop quartet yields a chorus of voices ridiculing the librarian for her closed-mindedness and selfish hatred of both bands and boys.

Continue to Act Three, or learn about Ohio’s real-life government unions.

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