Ohio Education Association: Shared Sacrifice?

Wondering if the outrageous 2009 Ohio Education Association spending I covered in February was part of a trend? Consider the average OEA employee’s pay, stacked up against the averages for Ohio private industry workers, government employees, and teachers:

Ohio Average Pay, 2005 - 2010

The data (aggregated here in a single Excel workbook) from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ohio Department of Education, and US Department of Labor paint a picture that belies the union’s class warfare routine. But hey, let’s play their game: while the OEA continues lobbying for higher taxes, think about where your income lands on the chart above.

As compensation for churning out leftist inanity and forcing school districts into promises they cannot keep, OEA employees were paid an average of $96,182.81 from 09/01/2009 to 08/31/2010. The Ohio Education Association’s fiscal 2010 report to the Department of Labor lists 235 employees – nearly half were paid in excess of $100,000. Flip through the report, and you’ll see big numbers for such dedicated spread-the-wealth agitators:

  • DOUG K CRAWFORD, LRC: $189,832.00
  • CECELIA M WELDON, LRC: $187,405.00
  • MICHAEL N MCEACHERN, LRC: $169,298.00
  • MARK E LINDER, LRC: $161,756.00
  • VENITA N SHOULDERS, LRC: $158,432.00
  • WILLIAM A OTTEN, LRC: $155,873.00
  • RODNEY E BIRD, LRC: $152,058.00
  • JEFFREY L KESTNER, LRC: $150,739.00

This list doesn’t include officers, but rest assured the president ($190,000), vice-president ($186,471), and secretary-treasurer ($180,310) won’t starve. The OEA also managed to scrape together $20,000 apiece for Progressive think-tanks Policy Matters Ohio and Progress Ohio (in addition to the more than $1.6 million blown on Democrats in the 2010 cycle). But you see, the OEA only wants Ohioans to pay more taxes for the children. Here’s what the union had to say upon passage of Senate Bill 5 from its House committee, in an email distributed to members:

As you know, this bill is a serious attack on the students you serve and the communities we live in.

And upon the House markup’s final approval in the Senate:

As you know, the bill is a clear attempt to gut the ability of educators, nurses, firefighters, police and all public employees to have a voice on the job. Senate Bill 5 does nothing to create jobs and instead gives politicians free reign to cut public education in Ohio.

The implication is that politicians may never cut spending, no matter how stifling the state’s tax environment or how bleak her budget. You’d think maybe a union representing educators would understand there aren’t enough private industry fat-cats to soak for the sort of government the OEA demands.

If teachers realize they can work with their peers, administrators, and school boards to improve the quality of public education without paying leftist organizers, the union loses. When the National Education Association’s state bosses dictate policy while using their members’ own money to keep teachers terrified of change, it’s no surprise the union comes out on top.

Cross-posted at Third Base Politics.

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83 thoughts on “Ohio Education Association: Shared Sacrifice?

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  3. This is the same organization that wants to steal $50 from my pay to subsidize their referendum battle, nevermind that I do not support it. I was told by the OEA president that "It's only $2 a pay" and basically that it would be good for me. Only two dollars a pay through the 2011-2012 school year–the referendum is supposed to be on the ballot THIS November! The OEA takes out member dues for political reasons; if they think this referendum is so good for Ohio, let them ASK for donations–afterall, they keep telling us how the middle class supports their efforts. Let them put THEIR money where THEIR mouths are.

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  8. I’m confused by this separation of teachers and OEA members. Isn’t the majority of OEA members teachers? I was a teacher and part of the MEA and only made $30 after my local union worked for it for six months.

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  10. @tozier21 — The green line represents pay to employees of the Ohio Education Association, NOT members of the union. The OEA employee salaries represented by that green line amounted to an average of more than $96,000 in fiscal 2010, taken from teachers who are members of the union.

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  16. I'd like to see what "government" and "private sector" jobs include. What type of employees? These seem like very broad categories.

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