Ohio Education Association Quiz

If you saw the chart I posted yesterday comparing Ohio Education Association (OEA) employee salaries with the rest of us suckers, I’ve got bad news… there’s a quiz.

Silver lining: today’s examination will be open-book.

Ohio Average Pay, 2005 -2010

Add up all OEA disbursements to employees from the union’s 2010 report, and the result is $22,602,960.

Divide by 235 OEA employees, and you get the average of $96,183 represented in the chart . The average Ohio teacher, meanwhile, was paid $55,958 in the 2009-2010 school year. So, based on the most current data, the average OEA employee is paid $40,225 more than the average Ohio teacher.

Divide the $22,602,960 paid to union employees by the report’s count of 128,815 members, and OEA employee pay amounts to $175 per member.

For good measure, remember the OEA gave $20,000 to Progress Ohio and $20,000 to Policy Matters Ohio in fiscal 2010.

Even if you’re a shameless union apologist, these numbers raise some questions:

  • Are teachers in Ohio underpaid?
  • If Ohio teachers are underpaid, why doesn’t the Ohio Education Association take less from teachers for their own salaries?
  • If Ohio teachers are underpaid, why does their union deserve compensation more than twice the state average?
  • If Ohio teachers are overpaid, why does the Ohio Education Association demand higher taxes on Ohio residents and businesses?
  • If the 116 OEA employees paid more than $100,000 in fiscal 2010 were compensated at market rate, what other employer would pay them anything near what they received from the OEA?
  • If the OEA lives and breathes “solidarity,” why are its employees paid so much more than its dues-paying members?
  • Is the OEA concerned about “income inequality,” a topic obsessed over by the OEA’s beneficiaries at Policy Matters Ohio and Progress Ohio?

Unfortunately there’s no score key, but feel free to answer in the comments. If you’re a Progressive, write directly onto your screen. New monitor purchases create jobs! While you’re at it, throw your computer from the roof. While you’re up there, rip off a few shingles. Jobs, jobs, everywhere!

Union figures are from the US Department of Labor. Average teacher pay is from the Ohio Department of Education. If you have a better explanation for the story these numbers tell, I’d love to hear it.

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    • As a conservative, it's incumbent upon me to attack the poor and downtrodden. Since OEA employees are paid less than what the Obama administration would consider "enough money," I'm sure they are victims of something or other!

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