Soak the Rich: Johnson and Johnson

Here we go again – like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson is another corporation that people aren’t nearly as frightened of as they should be. Come on, voters! If Sherrod Brown and Barack Obama only double taxes on the evilest corporations, we might have to cut spending! Obviously, that’s out of the question.

Now Soaking: Johnson & Johnson

Rest assured, such a punitive tax hike won’t raise the price of Band-Aids, contacts, over-the-counter medicines, baby soap, or anything else! None of Johnson & Johnson’s 114,000 employees will lose their jobs as a result. The only funds and individuals holding any of Johnson & Johnson’s 2.74 billion outstanding shares of stock who suffer will be the ones who deserve to.

We, The People who support Sherrod Brown’s fiscal policies, hold these leftist conceits to be self-evident.

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