Soak the Rich: Pfizer

Though we’re reaching the bottom of the S&P 500’s top 10 companies by market capitalization, soaking The Rich has lost none of its magic! Next up is Pfizer, a corporation that’s recently been trading rank in the index with JP Morgan Chase. Big pharma versus a big bank – talk about a win-win! JP Morgan Chase will have a chance to pay its fair share next week; for now let’s shake Pfizer upside down and see what happens…

Now Soaking: Pfizer

No worries: with Sherrod Brown and Barack Obama in charge of the health insurance industry, hiking Pfizer’s taxes won’t affect the cost of prescription drugs or the rate of medical research. A “free market” is really nothing but an evil cabal of fat-cats cheating helpless saps out of money, but Sheriff Sherrod’s patrolling these parts! Supply, demand, risk, cost, and reward are merely shadows from the dark old days.

None of Pfizer’s 110,600 employees will lose their jobs if Sherrod Brown and Barack Obama work their not-at-all-socialist magic. Last and least, the only funds & individuals holding any of Pfizer’s 7.9 billion outstanding shares of stock who suffer will be the ones who deserve to.

We, The People who support Sherrod Brown’s fiscal policies, hold these leftist conceits to be self-evident.

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