Soak the Rich: US Bancorp

There’s a $1.62 trillion shortfall in the 2011 federal budget, but Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) knows how to fix it! The problem with Washington’s balance sheet, you see, is that corporations don’t pay their fair share. US Bancorp is a prime example – and if those bankster crooks think they’ll get away with it, Sherrod would beg to differ!

Now Soaking: US Bancorp

Fear not: a punishing tax hike on one of the country’s largest banks won’t increase the cost of checking, savings, mortgage, or credit accounts! None of US Bancorp’s 60,584 employees will lose their jobs if Sherrod Brown and Barack Obama work their not-at-all-socialist magic. Last and least, the only funds & individuals holding any of US Bancorp’s 1.92 billion outstanding shares of stock who suffer will be the ones who deserve to.

We, The People who support Sherrod Brown’s fiscal policies, hold these leftist conceits to be self-evident.

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