OEA Employee: “OEA has chosen not to bargain fairly with its own employees”

The past two years have been rocky for the Ohio Education Association (OEA) and its employees represented by the Professional Staff Union (PSU). Why should you care? Because OEA is Ohio’s largest government union, and the chief in-state donor to union front We Are Ohio.

Opposition to the reforms in Senate Bill 5 means support for the status quo, with union bosses wielding vast power over public funds. Would you hand a blank check to an HR consultant with miserable people skills? That is the effective result of Ohio’s government union law, passed in 1983 on a party-line vote.

The above photos are from a 2010 PSU strike against OEA – which is hardly the only recent example of conflict. Here’s an excerpt from an August 18, 2009 PSU blog post (note that union staff recently deleted or blocked access to content critical of OEA; here’s a PDF copy):

“We are picketing the OEA building today because we are concerned that bargaining a successor agreement does not seem to be a priority with the management of OEA. We urge the OEA to go to the bargaining table with the serious intention of negotiating a fair agreement with which both parties can agree. It is extremely ironic that the state’s largest advocate of school employees in collective bargaining has chosen not to bargain fairly with its own employees, ” said Bill Pearsol, spokesperson for PSU.

The informational picketing was done to draw attention to the lack of progress made at the negotiations table thus far.

“Ironic” is one word to describe OEA’s behavior with regard to its employees. Another would be “pathetic”union bosses tell locals to “bargain hard” when taxpayer dollars are at stake, but suddenly care about saving money when it comes to their own cut. Wonder why?

On November 8, vote for sensible reforms to the power of union bosses who demand that taxpayers meet their terms… but won’t deal honestly with their own employees. Vote Yes on Issue 2!

If you need it, there’s plenty more proof OEA should not be trusted.

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