Unions Marginalize Republican Teachers

For a group claiming to defend teachers, We Are Ohio doesn’t hesitate to attack teachers who step out of line. In response to the Building a Better Ohio ad featuring Baltimore teacher Kyle Farmer, We Are Ohio released a pathetic YouTube response that begins with this:

Oooo-kay, “teacher” in scare quotes. Farmer publicly supports government union reform, so it’s fair to assume he’s a Republican. Does that mean he’s less of a teacher than peers who vote Democrat? Is that really an argument We Are Ohio wants to make?

We Are Ohio then proceeds, “Here’s What Real Teachers Have to Say About Issue 2” – as if conservative political beliefs make a teacher a fraud. Cue a series of monologues diligently parroting We Are Ohio talking points: Senate Bill 5 was crafted in the fires of Mt. Doom! The GOP wants to steal our cars and kick our puppies!

Coming from union bosses who create propaganda for a living, this is amazingly stupid propaganda (and not the first example of it). Why should voters blindly accept We Are Ohio’s rhetoric? Because We Are Ohio claims to speak for all public teachers. Why shouldn’t We Are Ohio’s millions from D.C. unions cause alarm? Because We Are Ohio claims to be a nonpartisan group, floating above petty politics.

Truth is, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more partisan bunch than We Are Ohio. Union bosses are so desperate to smear a teacher who won’t toe the union line, they’ve taken an axe to their own platform.

Teachers, make sure your voice is heard – unless you’re a Republican, in which case you can go straight to Hell. (Thanks for the dues, though!)

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16 thoughts on “Unions Marginalize Republican Teachers

  1. I am not exactly sure what J. Hart's point is in this article. Are you surprised that We Are Ohio has released a counter ad to Kyle Farmer's MOG script-reading ad? Of course! This is just part of the game of politics. Everyone throw money at advertising and let's brainwash the voters. I'll be the first to admit that both sides are guilty of playing along with the stupidity of what is now known as American Politics, but don't jumble the facts.

    • Only We Are Ohio is guilty of claiming to represent all public school teachers, while attacking any teacher who refuses to play along with the union script. That is the point of my post, and I'm not sure how it could be clearer.

  2. Kyle Farmer thinks Senate Bill 5 is good. The majorities of teachers do not support Senate Bill 5 and have been working to encourage others to vote no on Issue 2 this fall. If J. Hart is trying to convince us that Kyle Farmer is in the majority, then it would be hard to explain how Senate Bill 5 was recalled in the first place. Do you think the big bad union bosses were walking the streets getting people to sign the petition this past spring? Hardly. These petitions to repeal Senate Bill 5 were carried out by the people because Senate Bill 5 will strip the rights of the government employees.

  3. I am a teacher at an Ohio charter school. As a charter school employee, Senate Bill 5 will not affect me. As a charter school employee, I make less than what I made delivering pizzas in college. I have a Master's Degree in Education, I have earned glowing reviews from my administrators, yet I still am severely underpaid.

  4. As a charter school teacher I have no contract, so I can be released from duty at any time. I have no right to ask for a raise or express concerns for my work load or class size. Right now I work with over 150 students. My school advertises by saying that we provide each child a one-on-one education. I would love to give a one-on-one education to each of my students, but the simple truth is that I cannot with over 150 students, yet I am powerless to ask for better working conditions. Requests are ignored and those that ask too frequently are replaced.

    • You have every right to ask for a raise and to express concerns about your working environment, unless you signed a gag order upon accepting your position. You've plainly stated that here. If requests are ignored and "squeaky wheels" are replaced without good reason, that's a truly unfortunate situation and I expect your employer will fail on its own merits (or lack thereof).

  5. There is a sense that a union is a bad thing, however I wonder where this country would be without unions. I imagine that if my school did have a union, we would be able to voice our concerns without the fear of dismissal and improve the learning environment for our students. We could hire more teachers who might help meet the needs of each individual student. Instead, my school can get away with providing a less than quality education, pay teachers a small salary and use the rest of the publicly funded education dollars to pad the pockets of politicians like Governor John Kasich.

  6. When voting this fall, please take the time to make the decision that is best for you, for your community, and for the future of Ohio. We're sure to see lots more ads back and forth from each side, but as Kyle Farmer tells his students, "You can't always believe what you hear"– or see on tv ads.

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  8. Adam, you get it. The guy who wrote this article is apparently not involved in the educational system or is under-informed. I hope your situation changes for the better. If SB5 is voted down I would suggest that you apply for a school system where you could have a voice. If it passes you'll most likely need to move out of Ohio to have that option.

  9. David and Adam, it's very telling that you have no interest in discussing the shameful attack by We Are Ohio on one of the very people they claim to represent. Is it okay for government unions to pose about being the voice of the working class while smearing any worker who opposes their far-left politics?

    • J. Hart, get off your proverbial high horse and cut the crap. Farmer called himself a political operative (albeit a "wannabe") on his twitter account. It speaks volumes that the only ad BBO will run is that of the Fairfield Republican Party Chair who happens to be a teacher.

      I would expect that BBO would expose any teacher that opposed them in the same fashion. If you claim differently you're lying.

      • The problem is not that We Are Ohio pointed out Kyle Farmer's political affiliation. The problem is that We Are Ohio treated Kyle Farmer's political affiliation as proof he's not a real teacher.

        For a group pretending to be all about workers, the immediate attack against a teacher who steps out of line should tell Ohio voters what the "No on 2" folks are really about: their own cash flow.

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