Protect Ohio Protectors: Another Union Front

Apparently unsatisfied with union front group We Are Ohio’s dishonest emotional appeals against union reform, Protect Ohio Protectors built their own “No on Issue 2” website. Because they needed to… repeat the same dishonest emotional appeals:

This year we need to make sure we get out and vote because we are under attack by extreme politicians who have supported Senate Bill 5, the unfair, unsafe law that hurts all of us.

By “extreme politicians” the unions mean, of course, any politician operating from an address outside the AFL-CIO’s pocket. And really, what makes Senate Bill 5 unfair – the fact that it brings government compensation closer in line with what most taxpayers receive? What makes it unsafe? The cost-saving measures that will help local governments keep safety workers employed?

If you’re tired of the “unfair, unsafe law that hurts all of us” dreck, great news: Protect Ohio Protectors trumps it! One of the headings on the home page is FAITH, followed by this –

We are going to vote No on Issue 2 to stop SB 5 because Isaiah 1:16b-18a says “Cease to do Evil, Learn to do good; seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow. Come now, let us argue it out, says the Lord.”

There you go, folks, straight from the Good Book! Limiting the power of union bosses is evil, and government workers are oppressed, orphaned widows. This reminds me of one of my favorite verses, “Cease to do Mathematics; Raise often thine taxes and obey thou all union bosses’ commands.” Ah, pseudo-religious socialism. Good stuff.

Protect Ohio Protectors is about defending someone, that’s for sure – but it’s not safety workers. A Yes vote on Issue 2 will help local governments balance budgets without firing workers. Voting Yes on 2 is also better for Ohio’s taxpayers, employers, and… well, everyone except the union bosses.

Don’t accept the deceptions of bureaucrats who benefit from Ohio’s broken status quo: Vote Yes on Issue 2!

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5 thoughts on “Protect Ohio Protectors: Another Union Front

  1. These people will stop at nothing. I was glad to see some backatcha class warfare ads shown in defense of Issue 2 lately….something like government employees receiving 43% more in benefits and wages than the ordinary guy. I've received a couple robo calls and 2 conference calls in the last couple weeks. I'm also suspicious that the Republican party is sitting this one out…rumor is that they'll let 2 go down , let the economy tank and then go for "right to work" next year. To me, this is despicable.

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