They Aren’t Ohio: $30 million to Kill Union Reform

Union bosses in Ohio and Washington, D.C. are – oddly enough! – opposed to the sensible government union reforms in Senate Bill 5. Exactly how opposed? Combine yesterday’s cash and in-kind numbers from the Ohio Secretary of State with the figures from July, and you’ll see that unions have sunk more than $28 million into the campaign against Issue 2.

Out of $30.5 million dollars given to We Are Ohio since the union front group was created this spring, the overwhelming majority is directly from union bosses standing to lose a little power to Ohio taxpayers when Issue 2 passes. It’s been expensive convincing Ohioans that government union reform will destroy the middle class and return Ohio to the days of Jim Crow laws. Who has contributed the most to “We Are Ohio’s” dishonest smear campaign?

  • Ohio Education Association (state NEA affiliate): $5.87 million
  • AFSCME (D.C.) $3 million
  • National Labor Table (D.C.): $3 million
  • National Education Association  (D.C.): $2 million
  • AFSCME Local 11: $1.94 million
  • Communications Workers of America (D.C.): $1.5 million
  • AFL-CIO (D.C.): $1.5 million
  • AFSCME Local 4: $1.46 million
  • Ohio Federation of Teachers (state AFT affiliate): $1.26 million
  • SEIU 1199 (New York): $1 million
  • SEIU 1199 (Ohio): $1 million

It’s also worth noting that more than $100,000 of the non-individual Ohio contributions are from the Ohio Democratic Party, and nearly every individual donor who lists a profession is a union rep. This could prove donors’ selfless dedication to the happiness of Ohio government employees (taxpayers and cruel “mathematics” aside)… but that isn’t what my past few months of Ohio Education Association research would suggest!

Get the facts about Ohio Issue 2, spread the truth before November 8th, and watch this space for more…

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3 thoughts on “They Aren’t Ohio: $30 million to Kill Union Reform

  1. Jason, comments on the Dispatch article about BABO's donors are leading folks to believe that they are being bankrolled by Karl Rove and the Koch brothers…a graphic like the one above for their donors would go along way to dispelling the myths…hint, hint.

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  3. I don't like being cruel but I am from a blue collar family, and the answer here is simple, if the people don't want to pay part of their pensions and part of their health care as most of the commercial workers must, than the government will have no choice but to layoff as many people as it needs too in order to bring the budget under control. when bussiness is up hire more workers when bussiness is down lay off as many as is needed. thats life_Vote Yes on Issue 2_

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