OEA Employee Describes Effects of a Strike

In both 2009 and 2010, Ohio’s largest government union fought over contract terms with more than 100 of their employees. Ohio Education Association (OEA) bosses rake in millions, but that doesn’t mean they like handing out the same benefits they demand from you!

Take it from an OEA employee, in an August 29, 2009 entry on an official OEA staff blog:

OEA, which seems hell-bent on forcing its Professional Staff Union (PSU) to strike the organization, just doesn’t seem to understand that forcing its employees to strike is a short term tactical move that has very long-lasting internal and external implications.

What lasting effects of a strike was this professional agitator concerned about?

Trust is gone, and the aftermath of a strike is distrust, anger, and at times, downright hatred.

Hatred? That’s the emotion I’m accused of displaying every time I dare to criticize the Ohio Education Association! But remember, these are the words of an OEA employee and not some worker-hating union-buster.

If the OEA management team truly cares about its members and the stability of the organization, it will bargain a fair settlement with its professional employees prior to September 1.

In 2009, OEA settled their contract dispute before the union’s staff went on strike. In 2010… not so much. In 2011, Ohio taxpayers have their first chance in a generation to fix a broken system where hypocritical union bosses have more power than our elected officials. Vote Yes on Issue 2!

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