OEA Employee: “OEA continues to propose a regressive package”

The union bosses behind We Are Ohio claim they’re concerned about the “unfair, unsafe” reforms in Senate Bill 5. When it comes to mistreating employees, the front group’s biggest donor would know!

An Ohio Education Association (OEA) employee explains in this August 5, 2009 post from an official union staff blog:

OEA continues to propose a regressive package complete with significant increases in workload, diminution of current rights and extreme cost-shifting of health care to the employees. All of which are completely inconsistent with the stance OEA promotes its members take with their board of education.

Where government unions are concerned, what’s good for taxpayers is apparently no good for the unions. More and more of your money is demanded by union bosses who get rich on member dues… and fail to meet the standards they force on taxpayers.

Who should decide how government employees are managed: your elected officials, or hypocritical union bosses? On November 8, vote for reasonable reforms that will empower Ohio taxpayers. Vote Yes on Issue 2!

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