Sherrod Brown Loves Obama’s “Green” Boondoggles

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is a doctrinaire Progressive in every respect. His fringe-left antics aren’t limited to slandering Big Labor’s enemies and pushing wildly unaffordable entitlement spending – Sherrod Brown also loves dumping taxpayer money into “green” energy.

Like Barack Obama, Sherrod Brown thinks America’s problem is too little bureaucracy and not enough power centralized in Washington, D.C. Here’s Sherrod addressing an early 2010 meeting of the Greater Ohio Policy Center:

You can see Sherrod Brown plead with President Obama to waste more money on “green” energy and wrap American manufacturers in more red tape in a video I posted earlier this year at Big Government. If only the federal government could be more like China, command-and-controlling its ignorant populace to a shiny new world!

View the source video for the above clip, from GreaterOhio on YouTube. Clip transcript follows:

SHERROD BROWN: It’s clear that we need a real national commitment; we need federal and state partnerships, but we need a national commitment on what we’re gonna do on clean energy. We’ve never had a manufacturing policy in this country – some people in the White House and both parties have said, “That’s picking winners and losers, we shouldn’t do that,” but we’re the only major industrial country in the world with no industrial policy, with no manufacturing policy. The president’s starting to take steps in that direction, I think not quickly enough but more quickly than we’ve seen in the past. I think there’s real opportunity there.

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