Jason Hart is a web developer in central Ohio, formerly a health and labor policy reporter for Watchdog.org, and an occasional contributor to a handful of center-right publications. Links to his latest writing can be found on the home page.

Mind if we switch to first person to make this page a fraction less awkward? No? Good.

My initial plan for this site circa 2001 while I was in the MIS program at Miami University was to set up a place for music, movie, and game reviews with some high school friends who were at Ohio State. Gradually the focus shifted, and then shifted again. We talked about a web comic, and one of the guys drew characters and scenes for a few panels of a cheesy story I drafted.

Through college and for several years after, I probably spent as much time developing graphics, CSS, and HTML as I spent writing actual content. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, given my MIS degree and the career I intended to use it for.

Since games and music and movies were things we already talked about plenty in real life, “thathero.com” — shortened from “iamthathero.com,” which in turn was inspired by a phrase from a Veggie Tales cartoon that was doubtless a tribute to some old movie or TV show — wound up serving as a personal blog on politics & policy, interests of mine that few of my friends shared.

My coverage of public-sector unions in late 2010 and throughout 2011 resulted in an opportunity to get paid for the writing I’d been doing as a hobby, so I took a leap. I was communications director for Media Trackers Ohio for a couple years before taking a job with Watchdog, where I tilted at a variety of policy windmills for awhile before deciding to get back into web development full time.

None of what you read here should be presumed to reflect the opinions of any of my employers from any point on the space-time continuum.

If you’re scrounging for more details about my shadowy political background, look no further.

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