Welcome to my website, which has gone through a number of iterations and now serves chiefly as proof of my past and present nerdiness. There are poems.

My initial plan circa 2001 while I was in the Management Information Systems program at Miami University was to write music, movie, and game reviews with a couple of high school friends who were at Ohio State. That went south quickly when one of the guys decided he didn’t really want to publish anything he wrote online.

Gradually the focus shifted, and then shifted again. We talked about a web comic, and a friend drew some characters and scenes that did a boring story I drafted more justice than it deserved.

Through college and for several years after, I probably spent more time developing graphics, CSS, and HTML than I did actually making content for the site. Fortunately this wasn’t a total waste, given my MIS degree.

For the most part, “thathero.com” – derived from the original URL “iamthathero.com,” inspired by a phrase from a Veggie Tales cartoon which itself was doubtless a tribute to some old movie or TV show – wound up serving as a political blog for yours truly.

None of what you see here should be presumed to reflect the opinions of any of my employers from any point on the space-time continuum.

Oh, and if you’re scrounging for details about my shadowy political background, look no further.

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