BMZ 115H Lab – Fall 2001

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BMZ 115.H Lab – 3:00 to 4:50 Wednesdays
August 21 through December 12, 2001
TA: Scott (I forget his last name but don’t worry, teacher’s assistants change every year and he’s a full-fledged scientist by now anyway)
My Grade: B+
My take on the course:

Although I think science is interesting I get bored with experiments easily. Plus, I’m real clumsy and somehow always ruin everything regardless of how simple a test might be. For these reasons I did not look forward to BMZ lab every week. I was very fortunate to get scheduled into a slot with a helpful and reasonable TA. The other students in my lab section were pretty cool and most of the experiments were interesting, but still, with a harsh TA the class could have turned ugly fast. Rarely did the labs take the full two hours scheduled but when they did, they seemed to last forever. There was a minimal amount of work outside of class, maybe two hours for the biggest assignments. This was always annoying because we had to use Apple machines to print off charts and such, but usually it was no big deal finishing the work. I would not want to take this class over again but I seem to remember learning some stuff and again, having a good TA made BMZ lab perfectly bearable.